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Toyota is a global partner of the Olympic Games

The Bulgarian triangular cooperation is an extension of the global partnership between Toyota Motor Corporation, the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee to provide all forms of mobility and logistical expertise.

As a mobility company, Toyota is committed to «Freedom for All».

The partnership is part of Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) Start Your Impossible, a global initiative launched last year to inspire and connect all of its customers, partners and employees with the company’s core values. In an era of rapid technological and environmental development, «Start with the Impossible» celebrates Toyota’s commitment to supporting the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable society where everyone can overcome the impossible.

Toyota believes that mobility goes beyond cars; movement serves to overcome difficulties and achieve dreams. The Start Your Impossible initiative reflects these values and highlights the company’s goal of providing freedom of movement for all. “We want to share this mindset with everyone, including our customers, to solve this problem together,” said Toyota President Akio Toyoda.

Since its founding as a manufacturer of looms, Toyota has been committed to doing its part for the benefit of society as a whole. Over its long history, the company has become an innovative leader in enabling the electrification of cars on a massive scale with the development of the Prius hybrid electric vehicle 20 years ago, and in recent years with the development of Mirai, the hydrogen fuel cell. automobile. Toyota sees alternative drives, automated vehicles, mobility-as-a-service and robotics as major growth opportunities.

As a global partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Toyota is committed to promoting a peaceful society without discrimination through sport and a commitment to building a sustainable society through mobility. Toyota’s values of continuous improvement and respect for people are shared by the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which bring the world together in friendship and solidarity to celebrate the highest realization of human potential.

“Throughout its history, Toyota has made the impossible possible through innovation and passion and has continually challenged the definition of the impossible. Today, the automotive industry is clearly going through its most dramatic period of change, and at the same time, Toyota is still committed to making cars better and better. Just as importantly, we are developing mobility solutions to help everyone enjoy life, and we are committed to building an even better society over the next 100 years and beyond. For this to happen, we must not only dream of conventional vehicles, but also create new forms of mobility that overcome today’s limitations and solve tomorrow’s challenges. We share this dream and this spirit of continuous improvement with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, who overcome their own limitations every day. I hope that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will provide an opportunity for everyone associated with Toyota to challenge the impossible.”