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RENAULT presents the new Clio, the latest version of its popular bestseller

26 years after the launch of the original Clio, a model that has sold more than 13 million units worldwide, today Renault (www.renaultbook.ru/en) updates its best-selling car with the introduction of the new CLIO.

The new CLIO is even more seductive than ever with its signature lighting signature and Pure Vision full LED headlights, as well as new design details and accents.

The new CLIO offers one of the richest engine ranges on the market.

Design: The new CLIO lives up to its promises

The fourth-generation Clio was the first Renault model to introduce the brand’s new design in 2012. With full LED lighting, including C daytime running lights on some versions, the new CLIO continues to update Renault’s design identity. The front grille, which houses the Renault diamond, has been redesigned, which also applies to the lower part of the grille, which is wider, giving the front an even more modern look. At the rear, the rear bumper design has been redesigned to give the car an extra sense of strength.

Three exterior colors were added (deep red, titanium grey, metallic white), as well as new wheels and rims, and a wider customization program.

The new CLIO uses materials previously reserved for more luxurious Renault models. All upholstery is new, with special attention paid to the visual quality and feel of the plastic grain. The chrome elements of the cladding are made in a more subdued, matte shade, and the color scheme is more refined. In short, the new Clio is a higher-end package that strikes the desired balance between seductive exterior design and high-end interior design.

Driving pleasure, connectivity and agility for any purpose

A powerful and efficient 1.5 dCi 110 diesel engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission is a new offering in the CLIO catalog, as is the availability of a 6-speed automatic transmission with a TCe 120 petrol engine. As a result, the new CLIO offers one of the richest range of engines on the market.

To offer customers a wide range of options, the new CLIO is equipped with two different multimedia systems, namely Media Nav Evolution and Renault R-Link Evolution. The new CLIO is the first Renault B-segment model to feature a high-quality Bose audio system for an unforgettable audio experience, while a wide range of assisted steering systems make the new car more agile and safer.

In addition to a rear parking sensor, depending on the version, the new Clio offers a front parking sensor and a rearview camera. Available for more equipped versions, the Easy Park Assist system allows the driver to fully delegate authority when parking.